Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July 2, 2013 - Playing Catch Up

I am still here. Life is going on like normal. Well, sort of.

David came home from his deployment after only 5 weeks due to an injury during training. I am so glad to have him home but he is really upset that he is not with his team. But I don't really care. David is home!  :)  He is having surgery this month and he could deploy again this fall.

His early return through all my plans out the window. I did not plant as much as I normally do since the boys and I don't really eat a lot when he is gone. So I have empty planter beds just waiting for the late summer planting for this fall. The flowers are growing wild and crazy - the way I like them. I know it drives David nuts but I don't really want to tame them.

So today I am going to play catch up. Lots of pictures to show everyone what my garden looks like today. Weeds and All.

The Front Yard and Rock Garden: