Friday, October 12, 2012

Pantry Update

I am finally done canning for this year. I did a lot more than I usually do but I still did not get to put up tomatoes. I decided to post a few pictures of my hall pantry. It is normally a mess so I wanted to take a few pictures before everything gets moved around and mixed up!
David keeps teasing me and telling people I am preparing for the "Zombie Apocalypse." I don't really believe in Zombies, but I do feel good knowing that I can feed my family during hard times.

My Pickle Shelf - Pickled Peppers, Dill Relish, Sweet Relish, and Bread and Butter Pickles.

Jelly, Jam, and Butters!
Apricots, Peaches, and a few jars of dried Strawberries and dried Carrots. I can not wait to try the carrots in soup this winter!


  1. Very nice! I think everyone should have a pantry like yours for winter :)

  2. Good job! I opened my first jar of apricots already, and made a delicious spice cake with them. I wish I had canned more than 6 pints, as that big cake was gone in just 3 days! I lucked out on making pickles again this year, after my bumper crop of cucumbers in 2009. We're now into our third year of eating those pickles, and the end is not yet near!

    1. I used two jars of apricots to make a cobbler - it was so yummy! I think I liked it more than the peach cobbler I normally make. This was my first year of really making pickles. Last year I only did 6 pints of bread and butter pickles - and they were gone before Christmas. Next year I want to do dill pickle slices for hamburgers along with my dill relish. :)