Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Schools Out!

I can not believe how crazy the last week has been. I usually have my summer figured out and know how we will spend the next three months. But not this year. The Military is taking their time on our hardship orders. It may be the end of next month before we have an answer. It is torture. So we will do the normal summer things - swim lessons, park lunches, and messy crafts. I love the summer!

I took very few pictures this week of my garden. I do have lots of pictures of my boys - so I think I will share a few. 

On Monday, Alex and I were in Texas with my parents. PawPaw had to work so Alex got to be a "Crew Leader" for a little bit. 

Alex and PawPaw driving one of the Rollers. He was taking his job very seriously!
Dallas had a wonderful school year. He tested really high on his final exams in both English and Spanish. He even tested higher than many of the Spanish speaking kids. I am always so excited to see how smart he is. I don't really know where his intelligence came from but I thank God he is so smart.
Dallas with his group at school. He was the only English speaking child in his group.

Dallas and Mrs. Encinia - His Spanish teacher.

Alex at school - Look at those blue eyes!
It seems like everyone is growing up too fast. Roxie is now 10 months old. She is over 100 pounds and just keeps getting bigger. Almost every night I take her to the empty field behind the house and let her run. She sounds like a horse as she runs by me. Every now and then she gets her feet tangled up and rolls across the ground.

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