Friday, June 1, 2012

What could happen......

If an 8 year old decided to run through a cactus garden in the dark? Nothing good can come from it.

Dallas tried to cut through the rock/cactus garden to get hugs from Granny. Somehow he missed the barrel cactus. And he missed the Devil's Pin Cushion. But his foot found the Century Plant. The thorn went through his baseball cleats and stabbed into his big toe. He was running too fast to stop and broke the plant off. Dallas was rolling around in the grass by the time David could get to him. We made it worse every time we tried to take his shoe off so David brought in the seat belt cutter from my car. Paw Paw held Dallas' foot down and David cut the shoe off.

Almost half of this thorn was buried in the side of Dallas' Big Toe.

We were lucky the thorn hit the side of his toe and did not stab into the end of his toe. His toe was swollen and very sore for a couple of days but he is doing much better now.

I think I need to find some lights to go in the cactus garden.


  1. Poor Dallas! I know how he feels. Having hiked through the deserts of Arizona, I've kicked a few cacti and had to have them removed from my toes. This Granny is sending him some cyber hugs.

  2. oh ow! Poor kiddo. I've managed to stab myself in the toe with a garden fork before... but that thorn looks much more painful! Hope he's feeling better.