Thursday, August 16, 2012

First Day Of School - 2012

Where did the summer go?

Dallas started school on Tuesday (August 14). He is in the Third Grade. I still can not believe it. I love his new teacher...No really. I LOVE her. She teaches dual language in a self contained classroom so, for the first time, she is his only teacher. He is very concerned with this idea. How can one teacher teach him everything? Mrs. Duran has so much energy and she really seems to like her job (and I think that helps a lot). This is her first year teaching 3rd grade - she has always taught 5th grade - and I think she will be a good match for Dallas.

But I have gone of track a little bit! Dallas' first day of school was like all the other (when Dad is home) with a few minor changes. He wanted to ride the motorcycle to school. Yup. Right. My thought exactly. It isn't really scary when David takes him around the block but traffic is a totally different thing. They ganged up on me and they won. "Why did we buy him a helmet if I wasn't going to let him ride the bike?" Nope. I didn't have an answer either!

Alex helping Daddy get the bike ready.

David and Dallas ready to go to breakfast.

Breakfast at McDonald's. It is their first day of school tradition. I would rather stay home and fix a real breakfast!


Finally at school. Yes - I followed them in the car and held my breath for every turn and stop. Dallas did great and loved every minute.

When did he grow up?

Attitude. I guess he was tired of me taking pictures!

I  convinced him to let me take just one more.

He actually let us walk him in and even gave me a hug before I left. I know it won't last much longer but maybe I will get one more year.

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