Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My New Hobby

I have starting teaching myself how to crochet. It is really challenging for me and I don't really have anyone to show me what to do. I have a couple of books and you tube videos that are helping but I am not the most coordinated person. I end up with knots, and kinks, and loops, and everything I am trying to avoid. I do a couple of stitches and then rip it all out. I start over more than I would like to admit.

Today I completed my first real project! I made a rug for my bathroom. It is just a simple Double Crochet but I used three yarns at the same time. I love the way it turned out.

I am really enjoying learning how to crochet. I just need to learn how to keep the boys from 'helping' me! I am tired of rolling up my yarn after they stretch it all over the house.


  1. Very nice work for the start! I've been doing crocheying all my life (my mom taught us) and especially in winter when it's too cold to go anywhere and no garden I make a lot of baby blankets for cat rescue group.

  2. I am really loving it! I tried to learn when I was about 10, but my aunt gave up on me. She was tired of untangling my mess! I still get a few knots but it isn't that bad. I like the idea of making blankets for rescues. I need to find a program like that around here.

  3. Looks pretty good! I taught myself to crochet a few years ago and now it's my favorite thing to do over the winter while watching tv in the evenings. It keeps my hands busy so I'm less likely to grab late night snacks too! I found the easiest way to get better was to start with a simple stitch and just do it over and over and over until my hands and brain had it down, then do the same thing with a different stitch. Each project I picked up I learned to do something new. Now I can do cabling and color changes and all sorts of the more difficult stuff. I recommend scarves as a good place to start, they go pretty fast. Once you make enough scarves to wrap your family and friends head to toe, check out Project Linus online for a great way to donate blankets to kids in need. Good luck with the new hobby!

    1. I am doing the same four stiches over and over and over. I like the idea of donating blankets! I will go check them out. Thanks for the tip!