Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tackle Football

and Dallas do not belong in the same sentence. I know I am just being a Mom but he is so small. Well, he is small until he puts on all the pads and his helmet. He ages five years in the time it takes him to get dressed. How can a game that requires so much safety gear be fun?

Time to stop being a scared Mom - He loves it. David and our friend Evan are coaching Dallas' team this year - The RedSkins. We have mostly third graders while the other teams have mostly fourth graders. It does not seem fair to me but I guess that is the way city sports are done.

Huddle time- Alex (in red) thinks he is as big as the players. He really wants to play football with them and they are wonderful with him. He gets to tackle and push them through out the practices.

It's not the best picture - David and Dallas practicing 'pushing'.

Dallas in White.

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