Saturday, January 11, 2014

My life is changing......

And I really like where it is going.

I have always worked with animals and I don't want to do anything else. The military has been a wonderful decision for my family, but, for me, it has been detrimental to my career and dreams. We have been stationed in New Mexico for 8 of our 10 years in the military. It has been a great place to raise a family and it allows us the opportunity to see Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins- Something most military brats never have. For me it means being a stay at home Mom which is something I NEVER wanted to do. Looking back on the last few years I am so thankful God knew what I needed and did not listen to my tear filled prayers. I still miss working and having a life away from this little corner lot. I miss my animals. I miss having a reason to get up every morning other than the dishes in the sink or laundry on the floor.

A few months ago I was presented with an opportunity to help a cute little dog. (That story will follow soon.) Working with Shooke Unleashed has been a blessing and I feel like I have something just for myself. I am fostering dogs for the rescue who need someone to just love them and teach them how to be part of a family. It is very challenging but so rewarding. We currently have 6 dogs in our home - four are our forever babies and two are here until they get into a different rescue or find their forever homes.

Another new and scary development is with my health. I have fought anemia for years and most doctors just wave me out the door with yet another prescription for iron pills that make me sick. I have fought for a referral to a hematologist for years with no luck. Being anemic was not something they thought needed a referral. I was 'only' tired. I just needed to eat better. RIGHT!! I am so tired all the time. I fall asleep doing the dishes. I can not go anywhere alone because I am afraid I will fall asleep while driving. I don't want to work in the yard. I can't play with my children. Everything requires energy and I just do not have it in me.

I finally have a hematologist and I love him. "Dr. Mac" is wonderful. I met with him yesterday and I have Hope. Hope is a wonderful thing! My iron is so low he was amazed I was able to function at all. I am short THREE units of blood and I have almost no Iron in my body. He spend an hour with me just talking and explaining what my lack of iron really means and how he will help me fix it. I will start IV Iron next week at our local Cancer Center and will need at least 4 treatments. After that will come the many tests to find out where I am loosing blood and putting a stop to it. It could be as simple as my monthly cycle, which would mean a hysterectomy , or something in my digestive track that would require surgery and on going treatment. I am ready to start my treatment and Dr. Mac believe I will start to feel better within hours of getting my first IV. Can you believe that? All it will take is 30 minutes once a week and I will feel better. I am so thankful!

So with that I am starting writing here again. I have Hope. I am not better yet but now I have a plan.

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