Monday, January 13, 2014


Alex and Dallas love to swim and we always spend our summer doing swimming lessons and playing at the pool. They are both little fish and I can not keep them out of the water. Our very last day at swimming a small little white dog came up to us. He was starving, covered in mud and ticks, and had nails that would wrap around my finger. It broke my heart, but I did have some hope. He had rabies tags on. 

A short call to the vet and we had his last known phone number and his name. It was Arabic and so a Google search was needed. His name translated to "Child of Allah". Yup. 

I spent the next two day tracking down his owners. It proved difficult since no one spoke English and I do not anything else. Finally we received a phone call. His owners had been found. They told us to "take him to the pound", "throw him back out on the streets", or "do whatever." 

DO WHATEVER??? How could someone be so heartless? We decided to keep him and try to help him find his forever home. We had already bathed him, trimmed his nails, treated him for cooties, and fallen in Love. 

We looked into rescues and talked to others about a possible placement for him. Nothing felt right. Alex had fallen in love with him and they had become best friends. He was unlike any other Chihuahua I had ever seen. He loved kids. He never tried to bite anyone. He was house trained. And he loved Alex. 

Alex named him Playdough and we decided the sweet boy was going to stay. He has been micro-chipped and neutered. I never thought I would own a Chihuahua but I just love this little guy. He is a huge part of our family now!

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  1. Omigosh! What a wonderful thing you did! I hope he turns out to be the best dog you ever had! He surely is a cutie!