Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Grass Update

I feel like I am always working on the grass in the backyard. When we built the house we thought it would be nice to start out with a completely blank slate. No grass. No sprinkler system. Nothing but bare ground and a fence. I still think this was the right choice for us, but I am so tired of Bare Dirt.

We chose to plant buffalo grass in the backyard. It is perfect for our dry hot climate. The only problem is how slow it grows. So very very slow! This isn't a problem for the main part of the yard but, for the animals, it is not going to work. Tank can eat three or four heads of lettuce in one day. David bought 12 landscaper squares of fescue on June 1. Just enough to help with some of the dirt in the dog pen. Our wonderful nursery gave us 10 squares for free - They said they were just taking up space! I love our nursery!
David used my tiller and loosened up the dry, hard dirt and we started laying the grass.

About half of the dog pen will be this wonderful checker board pattern. I am hoping this will keep JD from digging as much. Plus I think it looks cool. I only had enough pavers to do this little bit but I will buy more soon.

This is the side yard for the dogs. The pavers will go up to the grass and then run down the fence line. The little shade structure will stay dirt. Hopefully it will give JD a place to dig without killing the grass.

This is Tank's yard (until the buffalo grass is established). All of his grass was free. I finished leveling the front part and layed a little more after this picture was taken. I don't know why I didn't take a picture of it finished.....

This was the buffalo grass on June 1st.

Our grass today (2 months after planting)! We actually mowed it last night! It is really starting to spread out. We have started walking on it but I will have to keep Tank off of it for a little longer.

I tilled, leveled, and removed rocks from the other side of the yard. It now has buffalo grass seed raked in and has started the four times a day watering. I just wish mother nature would water it for me a little more often!


  1. You're getting a good start. If buffalo grass has sun it seems to do fine. Hope it fills in fast!

    1. Sun is the one thing we have plenty of!

  2. HA! I mowed the back yard today, and kept wondering why we have so darned much grass! Too bad we can't share. Maybe I could adopt Tank ,-)

    1. Tank has been mowing my yard for many years. I do not know what I would do without him! I just wish I could teach him to stay out of the garden- He can eat an entire squash bed in one afternoon! I learned that the hard way last year! :)