Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bath Tub Paints

OK. I have to admit it...I am a Pinterest Junky. I love looking at the pins. A little while ago I found a pin for bath tub paints from Having Fun At Home.  I love doing crafts with my boys but usually one is too old or the other is too young - the six year age gap really gets us in the craft department. I knew my boys would love to do this together. I mixed the shaving cream with the food coloring before I told the boys to put on their swim suits. I did not need extra hands with food coloring. They had so much fun painting the bath tub and each other. Plus Daddy even stayed to paint!

Just starting...Alex is a little concerned.

Painting together.

Alex painting himself.

I guess Dallas thought Alex had a good idea, so he painted himself to match.
And one more picture. The Superman symbol was Daddy's contribution.
I was really surprised that the clean up went so easy. The shaving cream washed off everything and no one turned out blue or red. I don't think we will do this every bath time, but I am sure we will have to try it again as Alex gets older.


  1. How fun!

    I've looked at Pinterest a couple of times, but I just get lost in the jumble! Too many interests that don't apply to me, and I haven't quite figured out how to weed them out. I must be doing something wrong, because everyone else loves that site!

    1. I love it but I really have to watch myself. I can get 'lost' and then realize I have been looking at things for over an hour. I have to much to do to spend that much time looking at one site. I usually just look at Crafts and DIY, Gardening, and Kids. I don't think I will ever get to do half of what I find, but it is fun to dream.