Thursday, February 9, 2012

Planting Schedule

The best part of growing your own plants from seed is that I started gardening in January. Well, sort of. I have my grow lights set up in the garage and my little plants are actually growing. Every year I start some of my plants but this year every plant going into my garden will be started from seed. It is so exciting! Then there is the complete panic. What if I can not figure out the right planting schedule? What if they don't start? What if they die after I transplant them? What if Alex thinks it is fun to play in the dirt? So many things could go wrong.

I started working on my seed starting schedule in December and it has changed so many times. I tweak the dates every time I look at a seed package or read another book. It is driving me nuts. So, I think I have finally finished my schedule. I am sure it will change a little bit, but this is the basic idea. How do you plan your garden?


  1. I have a copy of Crockett's Victory Garden, which is my garden bible. It lists all the seeds and planting dates by zones (the book is old, so I go by frost dates rather than zones). I made a database that gives a complete span of planting dates for the vegetables I plant, so I often have a window of safe planting dates, and also whether they can be planted again in the fall. You can see mine if you click on my 2012 planting calendar at the top of my side bar. Email me with your frost dates and I'll scan your zone for you. My email address is under my profile.

    1. Thank you so much for offering to send me a copy. For some reason my email will not work tonight. I plan everything with the frost free dates of April 18 to Oct 20. And I will work on getting my email fixed tonight. It is so frustrating.