Friday, February 3, 2012

New Dog Yard

One of our first projects in the new house was a dog yard. We have JD, our 6 year old Golden Retriever and Roxie, a 7 month old Great Dane. They both love to dig up the back yard and sleep in flower beds. Thankfully David was able to build our new dog yard in just one weekend.

David digging the post holes.

My Beautiful Gate.

The finished fence. The dogs were not very happy - Roxie is pouting behind the fence.

I am going to stain the fence a deep red color as soon as the wind and the children let me. Now I need to finish planing the garden so we can build my raised beds before Spring is officially here!


  1. An absolute necessity with most dogs, mine included. I thought I had my garden well secured, but I've let the dogs in through the winter and yesterday I spotted fat little Annie rolling under the fence! It was plastic net fencing, stretched tightly, and held down at the bottom with folding wire fencing. She had managed to pull out the folding fence so she could work her way underneath and out of the garden. Silly dog, the gate was open, she could have just walked out! I had planned to replace the temporary fencing with a new chain link fence this spring. Yours is lovely, I might talk myself into wood pickets instead of cold metal fencing!

    1. I looked at several metal fences and they all just didn't fit my yard or personality. I like the wood - even if I have to replace it in a few years. I can picture Annie rolling under the fence and pray that my Great Dane doesn't try it!