Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Flowers

Yesterday, as I was walking around the local Wal-Mart (There isn't any where else to shop) I noticed the employees putting out our first spring bulbs! Normally I would not buy anything this early but I am just so ready for spring. I bought  Calico Jack Day Lilies, Shaker's Prayer Siberian Iris, a mix of Asiatic Lilies, Bill McKnight Dahlias, and a bunch of June Bearing Strawberries called Jewel. Once I got them home I realized that I still have 3 - 4 weeks before they can go into the ground - And they were already growing in their little bags. So first thing this morning I ran to our local Dollar Store and picked up a few supplies. Foil pans seem to be the fastest and cheapest solution to my problem. Now all of my new flower are potted. I need to add a little more soil to the pans this afternoon. I just hope I can convince my dear hubby to buy me another light for the garage....Maybe I should shoot for two more lights!

My new flowers and strawberries.

 Siberian Iris

Yes, I know my clippers are on the Day Lily. The roots would not let it stay in the dirt so I placed them on top of it to hold it in the right place. The bottom pan is Dahlias.

More Dahlias

Lily Mix

The strawberries are going directly into the ground this afternoon if I can figure out where they need to be planted in my front flower bed. I plan on using them as a filler to go around my flowers. They will be a living mulch to help keep the ground cool once our hot July weather gets here.


  1. very nice choices! I'm restraining myself from going to the stores until it gets at least a little bit warmer.

  2. I hope they all do well until you can find them a home outside.

  3. 'Calico Jack' is a great daylily, I think you'll really like it. Good luck starting them in the house. With plenty of light the daylily should do fine.