Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Starting Over

I was going to write about my seedlings and show you wonderful pictures of my Cabbage, Broccoli, Onions, and the list goes on. Now I get to show you pictures of them all dead.

My sad little onions. Most of them look like they will make it after they got a drink.
My lettuce perked up again also. But all the empty cells were my cabbage and broccoli.

Yes...They all died while I went home to see my parents. Apparently they did not get watered, but I will not name names....Ok. I have to. My dear husband forgot to water my seedlings. He thought the note said to water my house plants. So my orchids and ficus trees got watered but my plants under the grow lights went without. Enough complaining. I replanted what I lost.  I will just have to freeze more than I thought since everything will get ready at the same time.

On a happier note my flower bulbs really seem to like the heated garage. Everything is growing great and hopefully they will continue to thrive inside until the middle to end of March.

My Day Lily pan and Dahlia pan. The Dahlias are starting but they did not show up in this picture.

My Lilies are starting to green up and put up their shoots.
And yesterday I was able to plant the strawberries outside. I just hope I put them in the right spot. It is so hard to tell where you want things when the flower bed is empty. 


  1. Everyone loses something to an unnamed person not watering them. Glad your other plants are happy.

  2. Oh, Christy, I'm so sorry. I know how it feels to lose those babies, it's happened to all of us. Better to lose them now than when they are big enough to transplant. I did that with my cabbage seedlings a couple years ago. I didn't dry mine out, I set the container outside and drowned them to death! I learned to put them in containers with drainage holes, not big, solid plastic boxes!

  3. It's hard to see the work wasted like this but hopefully some will still recover after some watering. Good luck!