Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wild Plums

Every summer growing up my family picked wild plums and then spent the next week making plum jelly and jam. Our plum patch is way down on the river, with the snakes and wild hogs and chiggers. The temperature would be over 100 degrees and we would think we were dieing. We would spend hours out there. And this is one of my favorite memories. Last year we did not get any plums. The drought was too bad. We need rain in Texas. I decided years ago that when I owned my house I would move wild plums to my backyard. Last weekend while I was home, my Daddy took me out to the wild plums. It looks like we only lost a few bushes. We dug up four of the little plants (thorns and all) so I could move them to my house. I wanted to plant them on Monday but it rained just enought to tease us. Then on Tuesday the wind was blowing 40 - 50 mph and I actually got hit by a rock flying through the air. So this morning Alex and I decided to beat the wind and get them planted.

My little bushes in their bags of sand.

They started to put on leaves while sitting in my dinning room.

Alex helping me spread out their native sand.

Alex watering the bushes. This is the first real drink they have had in a really long time.

Look at their beautiful color! I think they will look great next winter when everything is brown once again.

All Done.
I hope the move does not kill them. They are used to being in the wild, without all the luxury that comes with my backyard - like water. I mixed in a little peat moss and a small amount of older potting soil I had. Our dirt is really bad, but I did not want to over do it. I can not wait to pick my own 'wild' plums.


  1. Awesome! wish we had wild anything that could be "adopted" to our garden. So far it's only wild onions that grow around here.

  2. I just hope they make it. I have never tried to transplant them before and My Dad seems to think I am going to kill them. I would hate for him to be right! :)