Wednesday, April 11, 2012

11 April 2012

Today was beautiful and I spent most of the morning in the backyard. I added compost to three raised beds and used my tiller to mix it all in. Then I sifted through the dirt and removed as many rocks and roots as I could. Then I started planting my tomatoes, peppers, and marigolds. I still need to make my plant labels but their cups will work for today. I planted a total of 23 tomatoes and 15 peppers.
Bed 1

Bed 2

Bed 3
 I am a little surprised but it looks like most of my Asparagus survived the move. Now I need to order some more to replace the female plants. Maybe I can do it this fall. I will add a layer of compost/mulch over this bed sometime soon.
 The potato bed had a rough weekend. Roxie decided it was a wonderful place to dig and sleep when she broke out of her yard. I tried to repair the damage and watered it. Today I noticed my baby potato plants! It looks like most of them are starting to come up. I was also able to plant my first sweet potato in the front flower bed. I am mainly planting it to be a living mulch but it would be great if it actually grew a potato or two.
Sweet Potato
I still have so much to do but I am starting to feel like my yard is more than just an empty lot.


  1. It looks very nice! Hope you have left enough space between tomatoes or you might have a jungle :) no, seriously it does look nice!

    1. I thought about the tomato jungle and I hope I have it figured out. There are two of each kind planted next to each other and they will both use one large trellis to grow on. I am hoping they grow up and not out. And if I get a jungle I will just cut them back. Thanks for the warning!

  2. I'm going to echo Jenny here. Don't believe those SFG charts that say you can grow a tomato in 1 square foot of space. I guess you can if you keep every side branch pinched off, which gives you fewer but larger tomatoes and a heck of a lot of extra work. I wouldn't give my plants less than 4 square feet each, and some of the large indeterminates even more. I found 3 or 4 plants in an 4'x8' bed to be just about right with the big Brandywines, maybe twice that many for a smaller determinate variety.

    1. Thanks for the heads up. Each bed is planted with two of the same tomato so if they start to go crazy I will just have to cut one of them back. I do have plans for a large trellis that two tomatoes will climb together. I am praying I can get them to go up and not out. If it doesn't work I will do a lot less next year!

  3. Your progress is looking great! I hope you hard work is rewarded with tasty veggies in a few month.