Tuesday, April 17, 2012

17 April 2012

It seems like every time I finish one project, I start two more. I decided today that it was time to plant our grass in the backyard. I chose to plant Buffalo Grass since it is native, drought tolerant, and stays about 6 inches tall without mowing it every week. All of that is great, but the main reason I planted Buffalo Grass is for Tank. Tank is my 75 pound tortoise who mows my back yard and keeps me company when I garden. I have had him for about 8 years and can not picture my yard without him. 
This is an older picture. He was about 55 lbs at this time.
So I started to till and level the east side of the back yard. I only finished a spot 12' x 20'. It took a while to remove all the rocks, roots, and trash from the soil. I could not believe all the trash that was buried in our yard. After broadcasting the seeds, raking them in, and spreading a thin layer of compost over the area - I built a little fence. I did not want to hear Dallas saying "I forgot" when I caught him on the new grass. He is the King of "I forgot." 
East side of the yard.
 The front flower bed is now covered in two inches of cotton burr compost. I ran out of compost with only 4 square feet to go. At least it is behind the bird bath and my garlic! Next I need to finish the path. Maybe next week.

 I went home for Easter and brought back a huge, over crowded pot of Aloe. I dumped the Aloe out on the porch and started potting it. It was all plant and very little dirt. It took a couple of hours to finish but I ended up with more Aloe than I planned. Two large pots will be put into the cactus/rock garden for the summer and I guess all the others will find new homes.

I am really wondering if I will be able to sit back and enjoy my garden anytime soon.


  1. A tortoise! When I was just 5 years old, my Dad was stationed at Victorville, CA and we lived in an apartment in San Bernardino. There was a tortoise in the yard, and I vaguely remember riding on his back. Love it!

    Oh, the yard is looking great, too ;-)

    1. I rescued tank when he was about 10 years old. His previous owner had drilled a hole through his shell and chained him to a tree. The vets did not think he would make it so they did not even try to help him. I took him home and did IV fluids and tube feedings for 4 weeks. And now he runs the backyard. Dallas used to ride him and now Alex has started sitting on him. He is just part of the family!

    2. That is such a sad story, with such a happy ending. I just cannot comprehend how some people can treat animals with such cruelty. Thank you for being you

  2. Love your pet! and the garden is coming along nice and pretty :)