Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Walk Around the Garden - 24 April 2012

Tonight I did a walk through my yard and I actually had plants to look at. It was wonderful!

My Asparagus that I moved from our last house. I was so happy when they came back this year.

This little guy showed up in the front flower bed this week. I do not know how it made it to the but it was a welcomed surprise! I don't know if I will move it to the backyard Asparagus bed or just let it stay where it is.

Cabbage, Spinach, and Broccoli
Yukon Gold Potatoes - It is already time for me to add more soil and compost around the plants. I am just unsure about how to do it. Do I need to bury the leaves?


Spaghetti Squash

Swiss Chard

Onion Bed #1

Onion Bed #2

Tomato - They are growing so fast.

Tam Jalapeno - It should be a mild hot pepper.

Part of my Salad Mix.  

More Lettuce.

My Garlic - I have three different varieties planted. Elephant Garlic, Early Pioneer, and a mystery garlic that I bought at the farmers market.
Now for my favorite new plant - Buffalo Grass! Yes. That is right. I have grass in my backyard. I know it is hard to see but, if you look really hard at the picture below, you will find two plants. And you can see a close up of my terrible dirt after I added a lot of compost. I will feel better when it is covered with grass.

Two baby buffalo grass plants! Today was just day 6 after planting the seeds and the normal germination period is 10 - 14 days. So by this time next week I should be able to find a lot more!
I have really enjoyed tracking the progress of my yard. I looked back at some older pictures and can really see the improvements we have made. I can not wait to see how it looks in a few more months.


  1. Looks awesome! Your onions and asparagus looks great and growing very fast! For potatoes you can just add more soil around them like hill around each plant and don't worry about covering leafs because it's the stem that will shoot roots once covered and grow potatoes in those hills.

    1. Thanks so much! I have never grown potatoes but I really like the plant so far! I will add more soil around them this weekend.

  2. I pull the soil up around the potato plant, just making sure I leave a few of the top leaves showing. Your spinach is doing so much better than my direct seeded ones. Mine came up and then just disappeared! Everything in your garden is looking really good.

    1. Thanks for the help on the potatoes. I am afraid of messing them up! My spinach that I started inside did not do very well but the ones I direct seeded are looking better. I just hope they grow fast enough to beat the heat and to harvest before the cabbage and broccoli need the space.