Monday, April 9, 2012

9 April 2012

I feel like I have been run over by a truck. OK...Maybe it isn't that bad, but I do hurt all over. Yesterday David left for his TDY. He will be gone until the end of the month or maybe until next month. I really don't mind him going, but right now was not the best time. We have too many projects to do and I am only one person.

Since I am Me, I started on the To Do list today. Why put it off? I was outside at 9:30 this morning and I finally called it a day at 5:30. I am so tired. I did get to mark a lot off of the list and that makes me really happy.

I started out the day planting a few more flowers in the front flower bed. I still need a lot more plants but it is starting to look better. I transplanted an Amarillo from my Mom's house, along with a few more Mexican Petunias. Then I repotted an Air Plane plant to sit on top of my antique milk canister. I tried for almost 20 minutes to get the lid off so I could slide a terracotta pot down inside it. It would look better. But for some reason I have the only one that will not open. So I pulled out the bailing wire and attached a small pot to the top. Now I will plant a few small flowers to help hide the black pot. Not exactly what I wanted but it will have to do. 
Dallas finally decided to plant his flower pot. He chose his favorite flowers - Marigolds and Dusty Miller. He loves them. This year I was able to slip an extra Basil Plant into the mix. I don't really know if he noticed it or not. Hopefully he will let it stay.

 After reorganizing all of my seedlings I started working on the back yard. The first thing I did was rebuild the huge bed by the house. I wanted the bed 3 feet wide but my Hubby decided to build it 6 feet wide. It was just too big to do anything with. Since he is gone, I cut it down to size. I can now reach the back of the bed without climbing into it. Then I started adding compost and planting my little seedlings. This bed has sweet basil, celery, parsley, cilantro, mustard greens,  and a few leaf lettuces. I plan on trying to plant carrots again in the front of this bed. My first attempt did not work. The wind destroyed everything.

Sweet Basil


Leaf Lettuce

Mustard Greens
 Then I started cleaning up the larger half of the bed. I will cut this bed down to size after I harvest my Onions. I have a few lettuces in the bed but it has almost 500 onions. We eat a lot of onions.
More Leaf Lettuce

The first lettuce I planted this year.

 Next I moved to the bed West of our Peach Tree. I had already dug in the compost. I just leveled the bed and planted my Broccoli, Cabbage, and Spinach. I hope the spinach does better being sown outside than it did under the grow lights. It is planted in the middle of the bed. I am hoping it will be ready to pick before the broccoli and cabbage need the space.


I have decided I will never by a new house again. The back yard is going to kill me. After everything I had already done, I decided to start leveling the yard. I really want to plant the grass seed soon. I was able to finish most of the yard, but I still need to spread out the compost and till the yard. Then level everything again. And finally plant. I don't think I will ever get finished!

I think tomorrow I will clean the house and maybe read a book. I have my doubts though. The weather is to nice to stay indoors.

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